Furniture Removals Gauteng

Home Removal:

Kyalami Movers will do any household move, big or small, whether it's locally, globally or regionally.

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Office Removal:

We will move any office to any location or premises globally.

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Secure Warehouse Storage:

We insist on 24 hour armed ADT storage security. A selection of storage facilities are available for your convenience.

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Logistic insurance/removals insurance is provided by Kyalami Movers at a higher, yet affordable, rates to give you piece of mind that all your goods are taken care of.

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Moving Tips

Home Furniture Removals Gauteng ImageAntique Furniture / Fragile Goods:

Don’t stress about that antique furniture piece your grandmother's grand mother passed down to you. We have special freight packaging on request to make sure the furniture is well wrapped, strapped and labelled for safe transportation.

Always Pack in Advance:

There's nothing worse than being disorganised. Pack all the main things a few days before - even perhaps weeks - so when the time comes - you can concentrate on all the other little hiccups or extras you did not think of. This will save you both energy and time - doing everything gradually building up to the final move, so that when you get to the other side - you have the energy to unpack and reassemble everything!

Bubble Wrap:

This is a great way of cushioning your breakables such as glass ornaments, picture frames etc. Newspaper is not as strong and does not protect the items.

Furniture Removals ImageAccept Help from Others:

Friends and family who are willing to help will be most handy - and if you are a lady, or even not much of an active person, having the extra help to lift and carry those heavy items goes a long way and you won't put your back out!

Packing Tips:

Leave a note on each box for the mover if you are not going to be there telling them where to place the boxes eg. Kitchen Utensils - place on kitchen counter, Bedding in bedrooms, Picture Frames in main bedroom etc. Keep some plastic packets or a few dustbin bags out with minimal consumables, crockery & cutlery so you can still have something to eat and/or drink while you are packing and so that you have a make-shift "dustbin". Also keep out the items you will need on the day - such as minimal toiletries, clothing for the day, mobile phone, handbag and so on. It's always a great idea to label everything and pack things into the relevant boxes so you can find things easily. eg. All your kitchen crockery will go into a box or more than one box if necessary. All office paperwork can be packed separately - files in one box and loose papers in another. Stationery such as pens & markers packed together is convenient when unpacking. Bedding, Clothing and Bathroom items will of course also need to be packed separately. You can then label each box accordingly, such as: "Kitchen Crockery & Utensils" or "Tupperware" and so on. How to do this is easy. Mark each box on top with black marker saying what's inside and saying "Fragile" if it is. Pack similar objects together & small loose items sealed together so they keep together. You can do this with packing tape or place in small seal-able plastic bags so they stay together. Grocery items can be sealed like this if open - such as an opened sugar bag or spices to avoid spillage.


Make a note of all belongings, so that if anything is missing, you will know and we can know what to look for. Sometimes it is placed among other items and you may think it is missing, spending time looking for it. Make sure you have enough boxes for packing.

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